Projects that you believe in are worth sharing

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Not everything is about good search results. Or making money. projects

Sometimes we just want to tell others about something cool.

In my world it’s one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.

It’s sharing the love.

Here’s a Kickstarter project¬†that I totally believe in. Indeed I am partial to the project creator. But the simple truth is the creator is on to something.

He is going where nobody else has gone in the music world. And do you realize how incredibly hard that is to do?

Not every Kickstarter project is for everyone. But there are some people for nearly all Kickstarter.

This is one I like. And one I want to share with regular readers of

Please take a look at this KickStarter Project devoted to a new genre of music.

And if you are so inclined, become a backer.

And if you really feel like spreading the love – pass it on to others.

You know what? At the heart of good search engine results is good stuff being passed around to good people who care about sharing, giving and giving back.